AKA Dead Man
Jessica Holter


Ah, what intricate threads of fate we weave whenever we practice to deceive. AKA Dead Man is a spellbinding novel with a compelling protagonist, a blend of mystery and nostalgia, set against Oakland, California's rich tapestry and mismatched charm.


Writer Jessica Holter (The Punany Experience, Verbal Penetration) introduces fans to a new heroine in the fast-paced novel where community values collide with the force of big business as it moves into the Bay Area where the air is thick with Y2K fear on the eve on the new millennium. 


Meet Epiphany Brenner, a reporter on the brink of insanity, a daughter unknowingly connected to her mother’s tragic past, who grapples with spiritual warnings and haunting dreams. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Frank—a cold and cunning Oakland cop unaware of the deeper truth—holds a key that could unlock the mystery that could set his fair lady free, but will he?


As the story unfolds, tension mounts as Brenner is called to the task of uncovering a government-sanctioned sex trafficking ring to save three beautiful daughters of new friend Shaquila Sams.  


Meanwhile, the veil between the living and the departed grows thinner, and Epiphany's journey becomes a dance on the tightrope between lies and revelations.


Title: AKA Dead Man

Release Date: August 1, 2024




In December 1999, Earthlings were wild, anticipating the unveiling of the beautiful one’s musical judgment day revelation. His Majesty Prince had foretold the purple rapture when he dropped his predictive bomb in 1982, selling five million copies in 1999 alone. People were planning end-of-the-world town business all over Oakland at dive bars, dance clubs, and concert halls. There may have been Y2K panic on the news, but upon his genius authority, the folks were outside, celebrating what was left of their lives just in case the year 2000 was the end. Soul Train lines formed in the middle of streets walled off for block parties. Shadows of lovers made out in the dark, and groups of young people made late-night picnics with Boone’s Farm wine and Churches Chicken on top of cars in the lake-side parking lot. Was the party over or just beginning for me? I thought as I wandered along Lake Merrit under the last full moon of the century, watching the people of the city that embraced me when I had been thrown away like a piece of mule shit.


Night-walking gaggles of geese kept me company as I cursed to myself like a mad woman for letting my manifestation of Deac run me out of my apartment.


Perhaps the end was cosmic or spiritual. I, for one, was charged by electric energy that sped my heartbeat, flipped my stomach, sketched visceral images in my mind, and opened my eyes to things I did not see before this shift. Were we all connected? Was the female shadow hiding in the bushes, watching me as I walked past the Scottish Rite Temple really there? Was she a spirit? Did our crazy Y2K vibration bring her here? It moved as I got closer. Could she feel this same energy?


“Eyes front hoe! What-choo lookin’ at? Ain’t you never seen a bitch piss before?”


Then again, I could be wrong.


“Sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude,” I said, covering my eyes instinctively. “I’m just out here thinking I’m seeing ghosts.” I shook my head.


“Oh. My bad. You probably ain’t a hoe, then. I’m just outside because that bathroom line is too long.” She stood and pointed at the event going on next door to my apartment, pulled her panties up, and let her party dress fall into place. “I don’t fucks with the men’s room. Last time I did that, I spent two nights in jail for cuttin’ a niggahs dick.”


We were both laughing as we walked in opposite directions on the same energetic wave.


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About Jessica Holter


Jessica Holter, AKA Ghetto Girl Blue is a combination and product of the experiences she’s had, the pain she’s endured, and the survival skills she’s learned were imperative to maintain. Far from your ordinary poet, wife, mother, performer, and entrepreneur. Ghetto Girl Blue encompasses the wisdom of your grandmother, the cutting edge of the girl next door, and the confidence of a mature, seasoned woman who knows what she desires, and boldly goes after it.

And if all that wasn't enough, she conceived and founded the concept of the Punany Project, hence, The Punany Poets were born in 1995. She has been featured on HBO’s “Real Sex”, as well as BET. Her words are piercing, and often provide shock value. So strap yourself in, sit back for the ride, and bask in the world of the sister better known as…Ghetto Girl Blue.